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August 26, 2009


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Jon Rubinstein found that time pressure can be a strong motivator for creative ideas. Back when existing digital music players were cumbersome to use, Jon Rubinstein led the creation of the iPod in less than a year, which contributed to Apple's surge in growth, and led to a whole subculture of the digital revolution. His team had to creatively solve a number of technical challenges to make the device work, but the result was well worth the effort!

N reports, Texas police spokesman in local time Tuesday confirmed, just with the team won an NBA championship calf defender DE Sean Stevenson, because in public drunkenness has been arrested by the police.
Local police say, at 10 at night about 30 points, someone warning ring around the apartment in Venice, says, there is a drunken man in the street go upstream. The police has sent police to the area, and finally found the name survey drunk man unexpectedly is three days ago just with the team won an NBA championship calf defender DE asdfSean Stvenson.
In the process of grilled came and routine, drunken Stevenson doesn't cooperate, and the police discovered that he was already is not conscious, even where, live in where can provide to the police.

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